Article: Handling Quality Problems
A generl overview of complaint handling for paper claims.
Article: Paper Notes - Relative Humidity & Temperature
This article is designed to explain the effects of temperature and relative humidity on paper and paperboard.
Form: Quality Report - Printability Issues
This form should be used to report and collect information relating to printability issues.
Form: Quality Report - Transportation
Use this form to report and collect the information relating to transportation claims.
Instructions: 3M 709 Static Sensor
Instruction sheet for use with the 3M 709 Static Sensor
Paper unit and Pricing Calculations
This spreadsheet contains the most used paper math conversion formulas for units and pricing. You can download this and put it on your computer so that it will not be necessary to connect to my website each time you want to convert an item. In newer versions of Excel, you may have to click on "enable editing" before you will be able to enter data.
Temperature Conditioning Chart
General Temperature Conditioning Chart for Printing Paper
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